Question: Can I Bring Tweezers In My Carry On?


Tweezers are permitted, as are electric razors, disposable razors, and their cartridges.

Straight razors are only permitted in checked baggage.

Scissors are allowed on a plane in your carry-on bag as long as the blades do not exceed four inches; otherwise, they should go in your checked bag.

Can I put tweezers in my carry on?

It’s perfectly fine to bring tweezers in your carry-on or checked baggage. If you prefer to shave your brow arches rather than tweezing, you can bring a disposable razor or eyebrow shaper.

Can I take tweezers in hand luggage?

While most everyday items such as scissors, nail clippers, and tweezers are allowed, there are other simple items that are prohibited. You definitely won’t be cracking open the wine on board as corkscrews are not allowed in hand luggage.

Can I bring nail clippers in my carry on?

Sharp Objects:Leave the box cutters and utility knives at home, but scissors with blades less than four inches long (such as cuticle scissors) are acceptable. You can bring nail clippers and basic disposable razors as well.

What items are not allowed in checked luggage?

Items such as bleach, drain cleaners, epoxy, fuel, gel fuel, glue, insecticides, certain kinds of paint, torch lighters, spray starch, strike-anywhere matches and certain aerosol items are not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage.