Quick Answer: What Do You Buy For A Housewarming Gift?

10 Best Housewarming Gifts

  • A nice corkscrew (and some wine to go with it) Nothing says “congratulations” like popping bottles!
  • A handy gift basket.
  • Something scented.
  • Greenery.
  • A wall hanging.
  • A coffee or tea basket.
  • Something monogrammed.
  • Something for pets.

What do you give for a housewarming gift?

The Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

  1. A gift card to a nearby restaurant (preferably one that delivers)
  2. A fancy candle.
  3. Fresh baked goods.
  4. Flowers in a pretty vase.
  5. A plant.
  6. A set of nice food storage containers.
  7. A cozy blanket.
  8. A personalized reminder of their last home.

What do you buy for a housewarming gift in Singapore?

Housewarming Gifts – 8 Affordable Gift Ideas for Singaporeans

  • Moka pot (from $55)
  • Fruit and veggie box delivery (from $58)
  • Google Home (from $80)
  • Bento box (from $15)
  • Houseplant (from $2 per pot)
  • Cocktail shaker (from $10)
  • Premium tea (from $30)
  • Steamboat machine (from $30)

What are housewarming gifts?

29 Housewarming Gifts That Will Liven Up Any Home

  1. A Welcoming Doormat. Hello Welcome Mat.
  2. A Distinctive Serving Tray. Handmade Splatter Serveware.
  3. Watercolor Cloth Napkins. Nicoya Multi Floral Napkin.
  4. A Unique Candle Holder.
  5. A Gorgeous Bouquet of Flowers.
  6. A Neutral Place Mat.
  7. Reusable Straws.
  8. A Swanky Spa Bathroom Set.

How much money do you give for a housewarming gift?

Gifts for Showers

Again, how much to spend depends on how close you are to the person. The consensus on Baby Center suggests: $20-$25 for a co-worker or acquaintance, $50 for a close friend, or $100 for a best friend or family member.

What is the best gift for housewarming ceremony?

15 Widely Accepted Indian Housewarming Gifts

  • Religious Idols & Books. For a ceremony like house-warming, you always want to buy a gift that is auspicious and ones that can bring a stroke of good luck to the new house owner.
  • Art Paintings.
  • Silver & Brass Utensils.
  • Pressure Cooker.
  • Cutlery Set.
  • Cups & Saucers.
  • Dinner Sets.
  • Table Lamps.

What do you give a new homeowner?

10 Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

  1. Custom Silhouette Mugs. We love the quirky design of these personalized mugs.
  2. Personalized Key Chain.
  3. Dart Board.
  4. Monogrammed Doormat.
  5. Stainless Steel Snack Bowls.
  6. Personalized Melamine Plates.
  7. Barefoot Contessa Sinful Hot Chocolate Mix.
  8. Personalized Pet Portrait.