Question: What’s A Wine Aerator?

Purpose of a Wine Aerator.

Like we mentioned on the first page, a wine aerator helps air filter into the wine.

Though wine can aerate itself if you let it sit in a decanter for an hour or two, there are times when you need it to aerate much faster.

What is the purpose of a wine aerator?

Use a wine aerator: Aerating the wine while pouring, using a wine aerator that is fixed to the bottle makes the process much simpler. The air intake allows for the wine to breath instantly by mixing the perfect amount of air. Often, wine aerators also come with a serving spout.

Do wine aerators really make a difference?

Well the answer is simple: YES! It really makes a big difference in most wines, and if you do a taste test of the same wine straight from the bottle in one glass and an aerated wine in another glass, you’ll see for yourself. The way that it works is the aeration brings about a chemical reaction in your wine.

Is it necessary to aerate wine?

Most red wines, but only some white wines, usually require aerating – or in wine slang – they need to ‘breathe’ right before being consumed. Decanting is the act of using such a decanter, but oftentimes it’s used simply as a synonym for aerating. So decanters offer an easy and elegant way of aerating your wines.

Does a wine aerator help with hangovers?

Some also argue that sulfites can exacerbate your hangover. Then pour your wine in, and the sulfites are strained with the filter. You can strain an entire bottle with the filter before it needs to be replaced. You can also use the aerator by itself to aerate your wine as you pour.